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Welcome to a Virtual Tour of Australia! I invite you to come with me and share some of her wonders and beauty. Learn about her people, fauna, flora, cities and much more.

Australia is a country filled with natural wonders. Her large, wide, open spaces. Her mountain ranges, white sandy beaches. Her contrast of colors, the greens, reds, blues, browns, from the desert, the beautiful sunsets to the deep blue seas. We have it all here. So come along with me and let me show the country where I was born, the country I am proud to call my home, AUSTRALIA!

I hope you enjoy visiting my pages and who knows, maybe some day, you might even be able to make this virtual tour a reality! If instead you live in Australia I hope you are as proud of our country as I am! We live in one of the most beautiful countries in the world. Sometimes we complain about the conditions of our country, the government and so on. It's not until you visit other places around the world that you come to realize just how lucky we are to be able to call Australia OUR home!
We are a democracy, we can speak our minds and make our opinions and beliefs heard without being afraid of oppression. Yes, I know, we still have a lot of racism in this country but people should just wake up to themselves and realize that we are all the same, no matter what color, race or creed we are, we all have a heart, we all have feelings, we all have blood running through our veins, not matter what our roots! We are all one in this wonderful country,


No race or nationality is better than the other, we are all equals and we are all in this country together. So let's make it an even better place to live in, treat people the way you would like to be treated yourself. Show your fellow Australian the respect and love you would want them to show you. Let's all join hands together, work together and make Australia a place to be proud of, a place that can teach and show other countries the meaning of UNIFICATION!

We have reached the Year 2000, and soon we will be hosting the Olympic Games in Sydney. Let's show all the other countries what it is like to be made up of many nations and yet live peacefully and united all together!




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